Undergraduate students from any college, year level, and program are eligible to apply.

Applicants must form a team of five members. They do not have to be from the same university.

Teams must fill out the application form on our home page. They will be instructed to send their PDFs of their individual resumes to Each team must send only one application form.

The deadline for applications is on January 20, 2018

Teams selected to participate will be announced on the ACCESS Facebook Page.

Confirmation emails will be sent to team leaders upon completion of the application process.

Participating teams must be complete for the entirety of the Sustainability Forum, Mentorship Session, and Finals. Absences and tardiness will be penalized.

There will be a participation fee of PHP 250 per accepted partipant, which can be waived, given proof of financial-aid scholarships. Payment details will be sent to participating teams.

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